Delisserie Opens In Hatch End

No sooner has The Rotisserie closed in Hatch End, with a refurbishment in between, then Delisserie has opened its doors.

We received this email yesterday:

Warm greetings from DELISSERIE Hatch End!! 

We are delighted to announce that DELISSERIE HATCH END OPENS TODAY!!! 

Have a look at our website and menu on

 Take advantage of our SPECIAL OPENING OFFER…

 for details of the offer go to our FACEBOOK PAGE at

 We look forward to seeing you soon.

The Delisserie Team


The Rotisserie restaurant closes on Sunday

The Rotisserie restaurant in Hatch End has sent out a Final Farewell email to registered customers, as their last day is Sunday 3rd July. The popular grill has been in Hatch End for nearly two decades, and it will be changing over to their other brand Delisserie. The same fate occurred to The Rotisserie in St Johns Wood earlier in April 2016.

Delisserie isn’t new to Hatch End – there’s been a branch across the road which was operational for a number of years. It then closed, then re-opened, and then closed again. Let’s hope the new Delisserie has a longer future.

San Mazanos Italian Pizzeria Closes “for refurbishment”

The Hatch End pizzeria, San Mazanos, appears to have closed for refurbishment. A hand-written note on the door, dated 4th May, has been spotted by locals. It was always going to be a tough business proposition as Hatch End is well served by pizza and Italian restaurants – Papu-Miya, Ask Italian transforming into Pizza Express in the last couple of years, and three other local Italians.

Speed Warning Sign Failed – Uxbridge Road

The Speed Warning Sign in Uxbridge Road near Paines Lane, as you travel towards Pinner Green, is no longer functioning. A Speed Warning Sign is one of those signs that flashes up if a vehicle is exceeding the speed limit – apparently useful for a short period of time after introduction. A ticket has been logged with TFL.

Paines Lane is one of the more difficult, and potentially dangerous, junctions in Harrow. Traffic on Uxbridge Road is potentially quite fast – despite the Speed Warning Signs. Additional factors include the bends on both sides of Paines Lane together with right-turning traffic out of Paines Lane. Nasty! My opinion is that a roundabout should be considered.

Wellington Road Potholes fixed – at least for now!

Many of the potholes reported in Wellington Road were filled in today – it’s certainly better than it was, but I don’t think it’ll last more than a year or so. It’s disappointing that Grimsdyke Road got a shiny new tarmac surface last year, even though the original road was fine, but poor old patched-up Wellington Road just gets more patching-up!

Some of the potholes haven’t been patched, so I’ll raise a new query with Harrow Council in the next day or so.

Wellington Road Pot Holes

Wellington Road has had four to five potholes down its length for a year or so, so I finally recorded it on Harrow Council’s website last friday. No automated email was received, so I was wary that my action had gone into an electronic abyss.

Gladly however, chalk markings have appeared around most of the pot holes, so hopefully they will be filled in over the course of the next week or so. Pot holes are inconvenient for drivers, and potentially fatal for cyclists.

Watford is changing!

Watford is changing! New infrastructure is being built right across the town – there’s the link road for the new Watford Health Campus; the demolition work has started on Charter Place as part of the Intu Shopping Centre transformation; and the Croxley Rail link is presumably still slowly proceeding – the last update we saw was that trains would be running by 2020.

Harrow Arts Centre – Campaign Starts To Save HAC

A5 posters have been dropping through letterboxes across Harrow outlining the campaign to save Harrow Arts Centre. Essentially, Harrow Council gave notice to the community a year ago that it was unable to keep funding the £500,000 a year subsidy in these difficult times for public finance.

More details can be found at the Cultural London website here

Fly-tipping in Hatch End

A tipper truck was seen in Hatch End this evening at around 6:05pm in what appeared to be dumping rubble and soil on Devonshire Court’s forecourt in Devonshire Road. The number plate was taken, and given to Harrow Council, and the Hatch End Association was notified.

I’m delighted to see that HEA have organised their first Hatch End Litter Pick-Up Day of 2016.