Wellington Road Potholes fixed – at least for now!

Many of the potholes reported in Wellington Road were filled in today – it’s certainly better than it was, but I don’t think it’ll last more than a year or so. It’s disappointing that Grimsdyke Road got a shiny new tarmac surface last year, even though the original road was fine, but poor old patched-up Wellington Road just gets more patching-up!

Some of the potholes haven’t been patched, so I’ll raise a new query with Harrow Council in the next day or so.

Wellington Road Pot Holes

Wellington Road has had four to five potholes down its length for a year or so, so I finally recorded it on Harrow Council’s website last friday. No automated email was received, so I was wary that my action had gone into an electronic abyss.

Gladly however, chalk markings have appeared around most of the pot holes, so hopefully they will be filled in over the course of the next week or so. Pot holes are inconvenient for drivers, and potentially fatal for cyclists.